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We're all about the ESSENTIALS. Over the last 40 years we've been making staples that are ideal for every person's closet. Whether you're into trends, classics or love a little edge, we do it all here at Pietro NYC. Today, we're breaking down our basics and talking about essential styles our customers have loved over the years. All our handbags are handmade in New York City with love by our family owned business! 
1. Brooklyn: A Pietro NYC classic that we will forever hold in our hearts. No matter who comes across this bag, they fall in love with it's versatility and buttery-soft leather. With age, this bag gets even better and better. It's one of the styles that most of our customers have multiple color-ways of and thats for a reason- it's lightweight, easy to style and wear whether its day or night! Are you a Brooklyn girl!? 
2. Unlined Tote: As New Yorkers, it's hard not creating a style that carries our life & more... literally. Our unlined tote is perfectly spacious giving you enough room to carry all your essential (and not so essential) things all at one time. It even comes with a cute coin purse attached so you don't need to worry about losing your money, favorite lipstick or phone! 
3. Blake: We speak from experience here- ever been in the situation where you feel like you need a bag thats big enough but not TOO big!? Well Blake is the perfect bag that is just that! It holds all your needs like a laptop, phone and notebook but also is the perfect size for a pouch, your phone and a small book. What's even better is that it doesn't look like you're coming from your 9-5 desk job! You can look fashion forward and put together whether a day out with friends or a day at the office! The studs are also the perfect addition to spice up this classic crossbody style!
4. Kendra: The perfect crossbody and clutch does exist! Kendra transforms from a crossbody to a clutch instantly by removing its  versatile shoulder strap and tucking it away into the back zipper pocket! Fold her over, and she's good to go for a night out! She comes in a variety of color-ways and is only $65! 
5. Bleecker- She may be new on the block but don't let her fool you. Bleecker was an OG style from the 90's when Pietro NYC was simply, Park Avenue International Handbags. It's a sophisticated clutch with a hidden crossbody strap that can be tucked away if not needed. She makes any outfit instantly look "cool" and give off that minimal look to any person. 

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